Ethical wedding countdown

You've got engaged - congratulations!

Now the countdown begins... Check out our ethical wedding planner for a stress-free, stylish, eco-chic, green wedding.

Church - Mason and Field Photography

6 - 12 months

'Rule 1' - throw away the rule book.  Trying to stick to convention will drive you crazy and turn you into a raving bridezilla!

We look at who does what and who's coming, saving the date (and paper), food & drink, ceremony options, and where to host the biggest party of your life!

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Hire groomswear - Copyright Mason and Field Photography

4 - 6 months

Most of the big decisions are out of the way now but there's still plenty to keep you busy!

Get thinking about the green groom's outfit, how you're going to get around on the day, sorting out stationery and making your venue look lovely.

And not forgetting our favourite bits, the cake and the honeymoon! 

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Wedding rings - Copyright Mason and Field Photography

2 - 4 months

Rings, vows and making your ceremony special. 

To give or not to give? Gifts for you and for your wedding party.

And most importantly, making time for romance to relax and remember what all this planning is about!

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Ethical wedding invitations

1 - 2 months

Not long now! Get inviting your guests and indulge yourself with a little pampering.

If you haven't already, time to spare a thought for your name too... 

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Ethical wedding favours

2 weeks before

Now for the tricky bit - who sits where? It's like a jigsaw puzzle!

Wedding speeches need a little working on if you're going down that route and it's time to tie up any loose ends.

So near now! 

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Wedding shoes

1 week before

You're into the final stretch with just seven days to go so it's just a case of checking all arrangements...

...and getting ready to celebrate!

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Katie and Jamie's wedding day - Copyright Mason and Field Photography

On the day…

Relax... you've done all you can, now just enjoy it.

Sip a glass of organic champagne, get perfectly pampered and prepare to stride down the aisle!