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Wholly Jo's

13 Cleveland Road, Uxbridge, UB8 2DW

Contact: Joanne Mackin
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Categories: bridalwear and green-weddings

What we do

Wholly Jo’s is an ethical wedding gown designer and dressmaker based in Uxbridge, West London.

Our philosophy at Wholly Jo’s is to create a gown that:

  • will make you feel exceptionally special,
  • celebrate your femininity and womanly curves,
  • make your friends and family sigh in wonder.

It will be exactly what you wanted.

  • Excellent quality
  • A superb fit
  • Enhancing your body shape
  • Suitable for the weather
  • Completely unique

We can work in various organic, and fair trade fabrics including silk, hemp and cotton.

Our label Another Stitch in Time also creates recycled wedding dresses. Taking one or more old dresses and restyling to make a new outfit.

Our specialty is wedding gowns but the whole repertoire includes not only the gowns but also baby quilts, christening gowns, bridesmaids, ball gowns and prom dresses which no one else will have, Mother of the Bride outfits, special quilts to become an heirloom for generations, and vestments.

Ethical action

  • We use ethically produced materials whenever possible to produce unique wedding outfits.
  • These include organic and fair trade fabrics, as well as re-using and restyling old wedding dresses to make a stunning new creation.
  • Joanne is paid a fair wage for her work and works in a way that allows her to bring up her family.
  • All production work is done in the UK.

Awards & Recommendations

  • London Directory of Sustainable Design

  • PAN UK Organic Cotton Retail Guide

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



Day-to-day recycling and recycling old wedding dresses to make new ones! See Another Stitch in Time

Renewable energy use

Uses renewable energy

Ebico.ltd is our energy supplier. 

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

We pay levy to offset 20% of our carbon emissions.

Using organic products

Organic products

I use organic fabrics.

Supporting local producers

Local products

Working with local businesses on the Mad UK project (see ‘community project’ below).

Using cruelty-free products

Cruelty free

I use peace silks (vegetarian).

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products

I use fair trade fabrics.

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

10% of net profits given away to Church of England Charities.

Supporting / working with a community / social project

Support a community or social project

I support various youth projects including The Girls Brigade.  I also help with a number of projects one of which is Mad UK, piloted very successfully in 2004 as a partnership between the Belgrade Theatre, Coventry University and local businesses including Belgrade Plaza, Heart of England Co-op.  I have supported several fashion students.