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What we do

Located in the heart of London, just behind the Strand, the RSA house occupies a prime location for you to enjoy a unique setting for your special day.

The RSA offers you a wealth of choice under one roof - the stunning private dining rooms, all with unique John Adam ceilings which can play host to an intimate ceremony or dinner.

The house also includes the elegant Benjamin Franklin Room; overlooking the Strand it is perfect for larger dinners and receptions.

The sub-terranean vaults provide a truly romantic candle-lit setting for your wedding ceremony or party.

Our team of talented chefs can create a bespoke menu especially for your big day and our Wedding Co-ordinators will ensure that your every need and whim is catered for. From flowers to music, lighting to photographers, our dedicated team will guide you through the run up to your wedding and be on hand to ensure it all runs perfectly on the day.

Whether you seek the inspiring grandeur of the Great Room or the intimacy of a candlelit ceremony in the Vaults, we can offer a truly memorable setting to reflect your mood. Should you choose to marry elsewhere, why not hold your reception at our house?

Ethical action

The RSA is ideally located just off the Strand with excellent public transport links so it is easy to encourage guests to leave their cars at home. 

You can celebrate your ceremony & reception at the RSA so guests do not have to make any additional travel arrangements and for any taxi needs, our green taxi company use the Toyota Prius.

The Society’s house recycles 75% of its waste (including your wine bottles!) and uses eco-friendly detergents and cleaning materials wherever possible.

Linen has been specifically chosen to be more durable and uses less detergent and energy when being cleaned.

We understand the importance of the menu choice for your special day and so we have adopted a food philosophy to help you make environmentally friendly choices. It's all about thinking locally, seasonally and organically; we may all love strawberries but if you are getting married in January they have probably flown a fair few hundred miles to reach your plate!

The RSA is committed to supporting British food producers, purchasing meat from grazed herds and fish from sustainable stocks, such as line caught seabass. We prepare dishes on the premises from fresh rather than pre-prepared ingredients, focusing on simple flavours to amplify the taste and the natural goodness of the ingredients. Menus are designed to reflect seasonal availability.

We also offer fair trade and organic tea and coffee as standard and are currently looking into English and fair trade wine producers. ­

We know that our clients are concerned about the environmental impact of their everyday lives but sticking to their green principles for their wedding can prove challenging at an already stressful time. By choosing the RSA, our hard work means you can tick a few more eco-friendly boxes without even trying!

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



The house produces 120 bags a week of rubbish, of which 75 bags we recycle [the others are food waste which cannot be recycled as they are contaminated]

All glass and bottles are recycled - The RSA has invested in an onsite water purification system, this enables us to re-use all of our branded water bottles, reducing the impact of unnecessary packaging and transportation.

All pencils provided in the meeting rooms are made out of recycled plastic vending cups or recycled CD cases

Renewable energy use

Uses renewable energy

We use low energy light bulbs in all of our offices as well as choosing an electricity provider who supplies us with approx 25% green energy.

We have also introduced light sensors in some areas to ensure that they go off when not in use and unlike a lot of London buildings we turn off our lights at night.

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

One of the RSAs Projects is Carbon Limited. In a 3 year project, the RSA is exploring the idea for personal carbon trading. CarbonLimited is bringing together expertise from the commercial, social and financial sectors to subject ideas about personal carbon trading to rigorous analysis.

Water conservation

Water conservation

All the male toilets use a water management system.

Using organic products

Organic products

We use eco-friendly detergents wherever possible.

The RSA’s food philosophy can help couples make environmentally friendly choices, supporting locally, seasonally and organically grown produce.

We stock Organic and Fair trade wines as standard.

Supporting local producers

Local products

The RSA is committed to supporting British food producers and purchasing meat and fish from sustainable stocks.  Menus are designed to reflect seasonal availability, focusing on simple flavours to amplify the taste and the natural goodness of the ingredients.

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products

Both our wine list and tea & coffee comes from fair trade sources.

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

The RSA is a charity (No: 212424) and all commercial revenue goes back into management of the Grade 1 listed property and supporting the Society’s ongoing projects.

Supporting / working with a community / social project

Support a community or social project

The RSA (Royal Society for the encouragement of Arts, Manufactures & Commerce) is a registered charity that works to remove the barriers to social progress.

We drive ideas, innovation and social change through an ambitious programme of projects, events and lectures. Our work is supported by 26,000 Fellows, an international network of influencers and innovators from every field and background.

Other things we do

The RSA, one of the foremost ‘think and do’ tanks in the country is leading the way in social progress through ideas, innovation and change. The RSA’s work is framed by five manifesto challenges that reflect its mission in 21st-century terms. One of these is Moving Towards a Zero-Waste Society, the RSA both as an organisation and as a venue therefore has to practice what it preaches when it comes to hosting events.