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What we do

Tara Lynn designs sustainable, natural fibre custom wedding gowns and groomswear.

Each gown is created especially for the bride. Tara Lynn gets to know her clients and creates their dream gown.  Past designs have included seashell trains and hand embroidered flower appliqués of the brides' favourite flowers and butterflies.  It's this personal touch that makes you feel special on your wedding day.

Many brides take into consideration every little element that goes into the wedding, even the eco conscious bride. You want to simplify your wedding by eliminating the frou-frou, glitter and materialism that comes along with many weddings.

Don’t feel guilty, however, if you are one of these brides and you find yourself striving to create the perfect eco wedding. It takes time to find the right products to minimize the waste and consumption at the wedding while not compromising the comfort and enjoyment of your guests.

There are the organic flowers, local menu, recycled dinner wear, outdoor location, tree free invitations and most importantly the element you get to keep for the rest of your life - the eco wedding dress!

Well you can be a green bride and still dress to impress. Tara Lynn can make you an eco friendly wedding gown you will love and cherish.

Ethical action

The main goal of the company is to spread awareness of ecological and social issues through fashion.

Our aims are to:

  • manufacture high quality clothing, promoting and using natural textiles and maximising resource efficiency;
  • promote awareness of environmental deterioration by researching global environmental issues and expressing them through art on clothing; as well as supporting environmental organizations with monetary contributions;
  • support the local economy by manufacturing in the state of Vermont and supporting local businesses when we outsource services or products;
  • create job opportunities for Vermonters with flexible hours, a healthy work environment - low stress, high organization - and an inspirational atmosphere; and
  • set an example for sustainable business using renewable energy solar and hydropower, recycling paper, plastics, metal and glass, and reusing discarded fabric, trims and clothing.

Awards & Recommendations

  • November / December 2005: Holiday Gallery Exhibit, Artisans Guild, St Johnsbury, Vermont - Juried Show

  • March 2006: YWCA RAGS Guild Wearable Art Show, Tacoma, Washington - Juried Show, Award for 1st Place Garments

  • September 2006: Gallery North Art Show, Setauket, New York - Best New Entry Award and Second Place in Craft

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



We recycle everything we can, producing less than half a dustbin of rubbish a month.  We use many repurposed and recycled trims and vintage materials.

Renewable energy use

Uses renewable energy

The studio is solely run off solar power.

Water conservation

Water conservation

We have no running water in the studio, carry in carry out forces conservation.
We also have a composting toilet facility.

Using organic products

Organic products

We use hemp, silk and organic cotton to make our clothing.

Supporting local producers

Local products

All local production, right here in Vermont! As much as possible we support local businesses. The organic cotton we use is made in the USA.  The hemp unfortunately can’t be made in the US so that comes from further away. 

Using cruelty-free products

Cruelty free

Wherever applicable.

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

We donated 5% of our profits from our collections to environmental organizations all over the world, including the Xerces Society, The National Resource Defence Council and The David Sheldrick Wildlife Foundation. 

Supporting / working with a community / social project

Support a community or social project

We donate garments for auction to local not-for profits once a year.