Shoo-Foo - the softness of bamboo

Shoo-Foo - the softness of bamboo

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Vancouver, BC
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What we do

Shoo-Foo offers a 100% bamboo linen collection which includes bath, hand and face towels, bathrobes, bedding and duvet covers as well as cozy blankets, and much more. Linens are designed in Canada and manufactured in China, where bamboo grows without dangerous pesticides.

At Shoo-Foo we care for the planet and so we love bamboo! Bamboo is great as an environmentally sustainable resource since:

  • it's the fastest growing plant on earth
  • it requires no fertilizer, pesticides or irrigation to grow plentifully
  • bamboo forests generate no water or soil pollution
  • it's 100% biodegradable

Bamboo also possesses other attractive qualities.  It's:

  • naturally anti-bacterial;
  • hypoallergenic;
  • breathable;
  • as soft as cashmere;
  • four times more absorbent than cotton.

Our company is based in Vancouver, Canada. Our online boutique offers a wedding gift registry service where you can create your own wish list! We will coordinate the wedding gift registry to make your experience as easy and smooth as possible.

Ethical action

Since the beginning, our goal with bamboo linens has been to reduce the ecological footprint on our planet. Shoo-Foo is built upon the principles of eco-sustainability, fair trade and healthy living.

Fair trade
Dany Filion, Founder of Shoo-Foo speaks fluent Chinese which has allowed her to build close relationships with overseas partners. Shoo-Foo manufacturers are hand selected based on safety of workers, environmental and ethical factors and commitment to quality control.

Manufacturing of Shoo-Foo towels takes place in China, close to bamboo forest. This negates long and heavy transportation - a great part of earth's industrial damage.

Healthy living
Certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA), the USDA seal and the Oeko-tex Standard 100 class.

Very little - if not zero - dye is used.

Materials are free of chemicals, making them non-irritable and hypoallergenic. Bamboo is also naturally antibacterial, which prevents odours without having to overuse other agents.

Awards & Recommendations

  • The bamboo forest used by Shoo-Foo manufacturers is certified by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA)
  • The bamboo crops used by Shoo-Foo manufacturers are certified organic by the USDA seal
  • The raw material (bamboo fibres) used by Shoo-Foo to manufacture its products has received the Oeko-tex 100 class 1 certification - which means that the products are ecologically harmless to human health.
  • The bamboo fibres used by Shoo-Foo have obtained the FSC Chain of Custody certification – meaning that from the forest to the fibres, all successive stages of production meet the criteria and rules required to assure a responsible stewardship of the world’s forests

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



Boxes for shipping are re-used and recycled.

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

Shoo-Foo towels are produced in large quantities, which saves energy. Our collection is transported by ships causing the least amount of pollution. Limited packaging is used. Most promotional activities are based online. We only have an online catalogue, no printed catalogues. Office and warehouse space is shared.

Water conservation

Water conservation

Our manufacturer uses a close loop water system.

Using organic products

Organic products

The bamboo forests managed by/for Shoo-Foo are certified organic by the Organic Crop Improvement Association (OCIA) and the USDA seal. The bamboo fibres used to manufacture our products passed the certification Oeko-tex Standard 100 class and the FSC Chain of Custody certificate.

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products

The manufacturers we work with are hand selected based on safety of workers, environmental and ethical factors and commitment to quality control.