Our Green Wedding List

Our Green Wedding List

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What we do

Congratulations on your engagement!

We hope that you really enjoy the run up to your wedding.

Our best advice to you is to make the most of the people that celebrate your wedding day with you and not to lose sight of what it is all really about - the choice of favours and the colour of the ribbon on your (electric?) car can sometimes distract from the real purpose.

Our Green Wedding List aims to help you start your married life in an environmentally friendly way.

We will create for you a wedding list with a green twist - one that offers you a wide range of quality gift options, where all of the gifts are environmentally considerate.

We recognise that we all like to have certain items in order to make our lives easier but Our Green Wedding List offers you environmentally considerate goods at comparable prices as an alternative to mass produced and environmentally damaging products.

Some items (subscriptions to organic veggie box schemes) even enable you to start the first months of your married lives with an eco-friendly outlook!

There are of course some items that you won't find on our list.  Patio heaters, mahogony coffee tables and disposable cleaning products. We could apologise for these omissions - but we aren't at all sorry!

Do get in touch to find out how to set up your own green wedding list.

Ethical action

We devised Our Green Wedding List after conversations with friends about green products 'not being as nice as conventional factory goods' and due to our own desire to ask only for a few ethical gifts for our own wedding (charity donations - a wormery, an organic veggie box subscription and some unbleached towels).

We were certain that there were designer 'green/ethical' goods out there and that by making access to 'green/ethical' goods easier (i.e. having lots of lovely items all in one place) it would encourage people to think about having a green wedding list - and a greener married life!

We try to ensure that all products fit under one of the following headings:

  • Recycled
  • Craft/Artisan
  • Organic
  • Environmental benefit
  • Energy efficient
  • Made in the UK in an environmentally responsible way
  • Fair trade

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



We offer a range of recycling and composting products, as well as items made from recycled materials.

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

All items will be sent to you directly by the supplier one month after your wedding in order to reduce unnecessary doubling of transport emissions.

Using organic products

Organic products

We offer organic items such as bed linen or even a subscription for an organic veg box delivery!

Supporting local producers

Local products

We aim to source products from UK based suppliers, in order to reduce airmiles on goods and to support local craftspeople who are often competing with cheaper, mass-produced goods.

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products

We offer a range of fair trade items in our wedding gift list from bed linen to games. Wherever items are not locally sourced, we aim for them to be fair trade.

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

We also offer a charity wedding list at www.weddinglistgiving.com