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What we do

At Ingle & Rhode we are passionate about creating beautiful bespoke jewellery, and are committed to the highest ethical standards - for example, we use conflict-free diamonds and gems and fair trade gold that we can trace back to source.

We specialise in creating bespoke engagement rings, wedding rings and eternity rings, and also offer earrings, bracelets, necklaces and many other pieces of bespoke jewellery.

All our jewellery is made to order in the UK by the finest craftsmen, and because we make our jewellery to our clients' specifications, we can accommodate most budgets; for example, bespoke engagement rings start from around £1000.

Ethical action

We operate a three point ethical policy.

  • No exploitation in the supply chain
  • No conflict diamonds
  • Minimise environmental impact

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



Our packaging is made from mainly recycled materials.  We only buy recycled platinum.

Water conservation

Water conservation

We don’t buy gold mined with mercury that contaminates water supplies.

Supporting local producers

Local products

Wherever possible we buy from small-scale artisanal miners.

Using cruelty-free products

Cruelty free

We do not buy conflict diamonds or any products that involve human exploitation in the supply chain. 

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products

We only buy fairly traded gold and silver from mining cooperatives.

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

We are committed to donating a percentage of profits to development charities

Other things we do

We bank ethically with The Cooperative Bank.