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What we do

Give It provides gift lists with a difference - charity wedding lists, including The Alternative Wedding List, The Green Gift List, The Scottish Wedding List and The London Wedding List.

Instead of toasters and kettles you can sign-up for a gift list that contains gifts of donations to various charities.

Charities including Barnardo's, Breast Cancer Care, British Heart Foundation, Marie Curie Cancer Care, Samaritans, Save the Children, War on Want and many more appear on The Alternative Wedding List.

A selection of environmental and conservation charities such as Save the Rhino and Garden Organic appear on The Green Gift List while if you're looking for charities closer to home take a look at our Scottish or London services.

Couples select a group of charities; your guests simply log on and select a donation to the charity of their choice.­

Ethical action

We’re making a difference by generating funds for charities (well over £¼ million so far) ­

Our key aims as an organisation are as follows:

  • To generate incremental charitable donations for a broad group of UK registered charities.
  • To operate to a high level of fundraising efficiency through providing a selection of online ‘gift’ and other services.
  • To operate as a fully trading company on a non-profit making basis within the ‘retail/service’ industry rather than the ‘charitable/fundraising’ sector – our aim is to ‘compete’ with other service providers rather than other fundraising options. ­

Awards & Recommendations

  • Finalist – Yahoo! Find of the Year 2006
  • Finalist – Natwest Startups Awards 2006
  • Winner – Best Business Idea – Hertfordshire Rising Star Awards 2006
  • Listed on SEE Companies (social, environmental and ethical transparency)
  • Listed on Shop Social Enterprise­

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



The main consumables of the business ­are traditional office supplies – where possible we a) use recycled products and b) recycle those products we use.

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

Generating funds via our various services, including The Alternative Wedding List and The Green Gift List.

Other things we do

­We operate a low-fulfilment service where receipts etc are sent via email, communication with couples is primarily via email and all transactions are online (i.e. no need for postage, cheques, phone lines etc) – as well as being environmentally-friendly this keeps costs to a minimum.