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What we do

Ganesha is an alternative trading outfit that brings you the traditional industries of India by working directly with the producers. 

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Ethical action


Our aim is to add as much value to handmade products, through quality in design and making, as we possibly can. In this way, we maximise the earning potential of the (often rural) producers, at source. And this puts more money into local economies.

It's about extending the market for marginal producers (marginal, because sometimes they just are, not by any particular design, e.g. producers in a geographically isolated place) and marginalised producers (e.g. women, low-caste, religious minority, disabled, producers).

Sometimes the groups are co-operatives of craftspeople. Sometimes they are organised as social enterprises, diverting profits into community resources. Sometimes they are charities. Sometimes they are marketing associations helping artisans sell their products. You can find out more about the producers on our site.

Trading in this way, from our direct experience in the field, we see how empowering it can be, particularly for women, and how alternative trading gives people more control and the chance to fulfil their potential and direct their own futures.

Read more about our fair trade policy


We wish to work sustainably and aim to examine, and limit, the ecological impact of Ganesha at home and overseas. We are particularly concerned with the following issues:

  • ­The environmental and social costs in the production of cotton.
  • The dangers of dyes to producers and consumers and their disposal
  • The sustainable use of wood
  • The use of post-consumer and industrial waste
  • The use of environmental pests
  • The use of natural materials

Read more about our policy and ­how we are addressing these issues: Ganesha environmental policy ­

Awards & Recommendations

We are members of BAFTS (British Association for Fair Trade Shops). Many of the producers we support are members of IFAT (International Fair Trade Association)

We are listed in several directories, such as The Green Guide, The Good Shopping Guide, Ethical Junction.

The Guardian describes us as ‘fair trade pioneers’. We’ve had lots of very good press and name checks from within the world of fair trade and beyond.

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



We are demented recyclers in our business and personal lives. If it can be recycled, chances are we do it! Also includes our passion for second hand stuff…

Renewable energy use

Uses renewable energy

Yes, at home. At the shop we do not have a choice of suppliers, but I intend to bring this up with our landlord!

Water conservation

Water conservation

Yes, at home. Rain water harvesting (feeds pond and garden) and the deployment of many little tips as part of our domestic routine - for example, “if it’s yellow...” (you know the rest!)

Using organic products

Organic products

Weekly veggie box, always buy organic groceries in the Co-op, and other places.

Supporting local producers

Local products

Always source as local as possible, for business and personal stuff. 

Using cruelty-free products

Cruelty free

Committed Body Shop and Co-op customers.

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products what we do! ( personally and in our business lives)

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

Several of our suppliers are charities, for example, Calcutta Rescue, Nepal Leprosy Trust.

Supporting / working with a community / social project

Support a community or social project

Lots of the groups we support in India, Bangladesh etc. have a social component. To find out more, see our profiles page We are also members of our local conservation group in South East London.