Chocolate Couture Ethical Jewellery

Chocolate Couture Ethical Jewellery

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What we do

Chocolate Couture creates beautiful, ethical, handcrafted wedding and engagement rings as an alternative to mass produced high street jewellery.

Choose from a selection of materials including recycled Palladium, silver, gold and ethically sourced gemstones or created stones. A celebration of love involves the joining of two unique individuals so we believe that your rings should reflect that too.

Your wedding or engagement rings should be created ethically and without harm to others.

We certainly don’t believe that your fiancé has to spend his complete salary to prove his undying love. You know he loves you anyway! We will work within your budget and we are happy to discuss options with you without compromising on quality.

Ethical action

We support the Kimberley Process and the use of Conflict Free Diamonds. Our gemstone suppliers meet our ethical standards. We can source Canadian diamonds on request.

Our handcrafted wedding bands are made in our workshop in the UK so avoiding mass produced de-personalised jewellery

We work with our clients to provide jewellery which is within their budget and without compromising on quality

We donate jewellery for charity auctions in and outside of the UK with the aim of giving back to those in desperate need.

We use the search engine 'every click' to help raise money for the Constant Gardener Trust.

Awards & Recommendations

  • Chocolate Couture has been featured in the following luxury publications: Vogue - 'A decent proposal'©, Brides - ‘Diamonds are forever'©, GQ Magazine
  • Registered with the London Assay Office
  • Registered with the Association of Contemporary Jewellers (ACJ)
  • Professional Jewellers Jet 1 certificate from the National Association of Jewellers (NAG)

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



We use recyclable gift packaging which is simple and beautiful. Recycled precious metals and materials are mainly used with our handcrafted jewellery. We also source recycled products for our gift selection from the British Association for Fair Trade Shops (BAFTS) which offers a range of gorgeous fair trade products. We use recycled fabrics - for example velvet and silk - in our accessory items

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

We have signed up to COCO ( and use a carbon neutral energy supplier. On a daily basis we aim to do all we can to reduce our carbon footprint.

Using organic products

Organic products

Organic gifts sourced from BAFTS are available on the website. Excellent gift ideas for your wedding party.

Supporting fair trade

Fair trade products

We regularly source products from our fair trade suppliers with the aim of giving back to those communities. A selection can be found in the Gift Lounge

Supporting / working with a charity

Support a charity

We make donations to charity auctions and continue to support our favourite charity: The Constant Gardener Trust

Other things we do

We know how costly it can be when choosing commitment/wedding rings. We are happy to work within your budget.

While we do not currently work with a community project, please feel free to contact us to discuss options if you have a project that you think we could support.