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What we do

Here at cherrygorgeous, we believe design is important and that the invites you choose should reflect who you are, your personality and lifestyle.

Our emphasis is on style, individuality and creating a bit of character that will blow away the old clichéd concepts of what a wedding should be.

When we fall in love and want our dream wedding it doesn't mean it's time to ditch our own style!

We also take environmental issues seriously, so you can be sure that not only does your wedding stationery look fabulous but it is as environmentally sound as possible.

So let cherrygorgeous take the stress and strain out of organising your green wedding stationery.

Ethical action

‘Its hard being green’ said Kermit the frog but we all try our best for the environment, recycling the papers, turning the tv off standby. And for our weddings we all want beautiful things but not at the sake of our environment. Here at cherrygorgeous we take environmental issues seriously, to make your wedding stationery both fabulous and eco-friendly.

Our environmental philosophy means that:

  • We use the most modern digital printing technology, which is the cleanest way to print without the use of harsh chemicals and wasteful print plates, yet it still gives you the quality you demand.
  • All the paper and card we use is 80% recycled and 20% from sustainable forests, it's chlorine free and has been awarded both the NAPM and the Europa recycled marks, two of the most prestigious and recognised recycling certificates available.
  • We are working with and are a carbon neutral company, this includes offsetting the petrol used delivering the invites to you.
  • No animals were harmed in the making of our stationery!

Because we think beautiful things shouldn't come at a price for the environment.

A few ways we're trying to make a difference



All stationery is printed on recycled card and all packaging is recycled.  We recycle in the office and generally run a green office. 

Reducing carbon footprint

Reducing carbon footprint

We carbon offset all our own petrol and the petrol used to deliver the stationery to our customers

Supporting local producers

Local products

All our products and services are locally sourced wherever possible. Where this isn’t possible we use only UK made products to try to ensure the companies we use are not involved in unethical practices. 

Other things we do

We bank with the Co-operative Bank to ensure that none of our cash is used for unethical practices.