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Ruth Singer Bridal - eco & recycled bridal accessories

Ruth Singer Bridal - eco & recycled bridal accessories

Name: Ruth Singer
Location: Leicester, Midlands

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business
I'm a designer-maker specialising in working with eco and recycled fabrics. I mainly create bespoke fabrics for interiors, but also run a small bridal accessories business because I enjoy it so much.

I have been sewing since childhood and have always loved making clothes, bags, scarves, cushions and corsages for myself and my friends. In 2005 I decided to set up in business designing and making for a living, after several years of working in museums. And I am having a great time!

I have exhibited all over the UK including at some very prestigious shows. My work has also been shown in New York Design Week in 2007 and I have had my work published in several national newspapers and magazines including the Guardian and Elle Decoration.

I have recently finished writing my first book, 'Sew It Up: a modern manual of practical and decorative sewing techniques' which is out in October. My second is in progress now and is all about sewing in a more green way by recycling and using organic fabrics without sacrificing style.

What or who inspires you?

Ruth Singer neckpiece

Since I was tiny I have loved clothes, visiting costume museums with my nose pressed up to the glass admiring 18th and 19th century dresses.

I was lucky enough to work in museums for several years and did a lot of independent study of textile history and now my work is almost entirely inspired by old sewing techniques and the work of early couture designers which I have studied, tweaked and developed into my own style.

What do you enjoy most about running your business?
Sewing all day listening to Radio 4 is about perfect for me!

I love designing and making new things all the time, so bespoke bridalwear and accessories is a lot of fun to do.

What is the most challenging aspect of your work?
Doing anything other than just designing and sewing all day! There is so much more to a designer's work than just designing and it really gets in the way. I don't much enjoy marketing, particularly PR work - it's hard to sell yourself all the time!

How do you see the wedding industry changing over the next five years (if at all)?
I think the ethical weddings market is growing, which is fantastic to see. I also think, and indeed hope, that there will be a growing interest in recycling wedding clothes and customising vintage and second hand dresses. It can be a very wasteful industry - as you all know! - so anything I can do to stop the waste by giving an old frock a new lease of life is a good thing!

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