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Ganesha - fair trade wedding gift lists

Ganesha - fair trade wedding gift lists

Name: Jo Lawbuary + Purnendu Roy
Location: London

Tell us a bit about yourself and your business
Ganesha is a fair trade partnership formed by Jo Lawbuary and Purnendu Roy, with shops on London's South Bank and in Covent Garden.

We import quality home furnishings and accessories from India, sourced from / developed with co-operatives and producer associations, including many members of IFAT (International Fair Trade Association). We have an eye for the quirky and eco also, introducing the UK to the considerable joys of leaf plates and scarves made from vintage silk sarees, to name a couple of our favourite products.  For couples planning an ethical wedding, we also have the option of a fair trade gift list.

Extending markets for marginal(ised) producers and supplying the UK with not just good but gorgeous products, we are supporting an alternative vision of trade, since 1995.

What or who inspires you?
India. From bhel puri to Bollywood to raag Bhairav..

What do you enjoy most about running your business?

Ganesha fair trade scarf

I love the experience of working with the crafts people in India. It is a very inspiring and creative process and at its most successful adds real value to their work, making a real difference to their lives. I love to sell also, and tell people the stories behind the products.

What is the most challenging aspect?

Managing the growth of the business

What do you feel you bring to an ethical wedding?

A beautiful selection of quality fair trade accessories to make your special day even more special!

How do you see the wedding industry changing over the next five years (if at all)?

I think the ethical wedding -as a niche market - will develop; weddings will become greener, lower in impact, and more ethical with the help of services such as Ethical Weddings

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