Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget

Your Beautiful Wedding on Any Budget

by Todd Outcalt


Review by ethical bride-to-be,
Sylvia Stigge

I know that wedding spending can spiral out of control quickly. When this book arrived I read through it ravenously, working to garner every nugget of knowledge possible. This book did not let me down!

A "debt-free" wedding philosophy

Todd Outcalt begins the book by explaining his "debt-free" wedding philosophy. He points out the bills that will be waiting if you borrow for your wedding and highlights the future choices that may be jeopardized if you spend too much (owning a home, getting an advanced degree, having funds to start a family, and so on).

Since finances are listed as a top reason why one divorces, it seems wise to follow his advice about a debt-free wedding. He also gives great advice on how to have a conversation about the financial aspect of the wedding and how to reach compromise with your partner.

Save then spend wisely

The last two sections are spent teaching you first how to save for your wedding and then how to spend that money wisely. The savings tips range from the generic (do I really need this espresso, or should I save that $2.68 for my wedding) to more novel (getting a second job).

Spending fasts

One of my favourite suggestions is spending fasts. For the time you allot (1-2 weeks) you are to spend no money. I am excited to try out this technique and see how much I can save. Plus, it will be entertaining to see the creative ways my partner and I will find to get through the fast. It should certainly help me find ways to get creative with what I have in my pantry.

A good budget buy

I would highly recommend purchasing this book. Or, if that is not in your budget, you can scroll through his blog for more helpful hints at

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