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Touch Wood Rings

Wood you? A look at wooden wedding bands

By Wenona Napolitano, author of 'The Everything Green Wedding Book'

Has the truth about dirty gold and blood diamonds made you afraid to even consider purchasing a new engagement ring or wedding band?

Do you think your eco-conscience just wouldn't allow you to live with yourself knowing all the damage that mining does to our precious planet?

Have you considered the eco-friendly alternative of wooden wedding bands?

You might be thinking "OK, how is a wood wedding ring any better than metal? We're trying to save trees, too!"

Touch Wood Rings - wooden engagement and wedding rings

Reclaimed wood rings

Well, many wood rings are made from salvaged lumber, like those made by Gustav Reyes the artisan for Chicago Joinery. Gustav says that "most of my wooden wedding rings are made of salvaged lumber; some simply found."

Gustav handcrafts every wooden ring "to bring out the warmth and honesty of the wood". He creates each ring from a single piece of wood and makes them by hand so that the "structural integrity of the wood is maintained".

The amazing craftsman, David Finch, of Touch Wood Rings creates beautiful works of ring art from trees that have fallen on his over 50 acres of land in British Columbia, from trees from family properties and from wood that was scrapped at local factories.

Wife Nicola states on their website that "we use such a tiny bit of wood to create a ring that we couldn't use up a tree in a lifetime of making wooden rings."

David and his wife Nicola live simply out in the middle of nowhere British Columbia. They believe in "right livelihood" which is about living a sustainable lifestyle that values simplicity rather than material possessions.

David and Nicola do their "utmost to cause no harm to people or the environment," and while they don't think that their wood rings will change the world they do hope that with each ring that they make a little less gold and diamonds will be mined.

Touch Wood Rings - wooden engagement and wedding rings

Wooden rings as unique as you

You can purchase wooden rings already made but usually it is better to have one custom created for you.

The process is part of the uniqueness of the wooden ring experience. You can be a part of the ring's design.

Each type of wood has meaning and you can select the wood for your loved one's ring by its special meaning and by the colour and feel of the wood.

Wooden rings do have a few setbacks like not being able to be sized so you need to be extra sure on the size of the ring needed when ordering. The other downfall is that they are not as sturdy as a metal ring, you don't want to wear in the pool or immerse it in water too often, but through proper care your wooden ring can be a treasure that lasts a lifetime.

Touch Wood Rings - bamboo wedding and engagement rings

Wooden rings - a green wedding choice

So if you want to stay away from mined metals and be a part of the creative process of designing the perfect ring for your fiancé or the perfect set of wedding bands for your marriage -wooden wedding rings may be the perfect green choice for you.

Visit David and Nicola Finch at www.touchwoodrings.com

Learn More about Gustav Reyes at www.chicagojoinery.com

Read about the meaning of different trees and wood: Qualities of Wood

About the author

The Everything Green Wedding Book
Wenona Napolitano is a freelance writer, author and poet in Flint, MI USA.

Her eco-friendly wedding planning book, The Everything Green Wedding Book will be out in December 2008.

To pre-order your copy go to The Everything Green Weddings Blog.

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