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Simone Bennett, sales & marketing expert

Supplier Focus: Sponsor for success

by Simone Bennett, sales & marketing expert

How to use sponsorship as an effective way to market your business

It may feel like forever that the media has been talking about the recession and the doom and gloom of the economic crisis. But there are ways that you can adjust your marketing strategy to cope with this doom and gloom so that your business flourishes in the downturn.

I regularly receive enquiries from businesses that want to raise their social media profiles, re-brand or produce a snazzy e-shot to pull customers in through the web.  What they often overlook is the potential power behind a sponsorship strategy.

Just for the big brands?

Sponsorship is often seen as an expensive and high profile tool associated with large brands and sporting events but this is not always the case - there are plenty of opportunities out there for businesses of all sizes that are willing to try a different form of marketing.

Sponsorship does not have to cost millions or even thousands of pounds. It could come in at less than £100.  It just has to fit in with your marketing plan and your objectives.

Unlike traditional advertising, sponsorship can give you the chance to forge relationships and play an active role in the event or with the website or programme you're sponsoring.  It works best when you integrate it with your overarching marketing strategy, always aiming to direct new customers to your website or to get in touch with you.

Ethical Weddings can put together a flexible, rewarding and budget-friendly sponsorship package that is about more than just your logo on a banner.  Whether you want to get across the true spirit of your business, launch a new product or service, or educate a market about your company, we will help you to focus your objectives and build a package tailored to your individual needs.

Benefits of sponsorship in a nutshell

  • Flexibility - build a package that suits your company, your style and your budget.
  • Engagement - be a part of the event or website that you're sponsoring.
  • Association - be identified with an event or brand that matches your values.

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