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Robin Dally - ethical SEO specialist

Supplier Focus: Know your mission, know your goals, go go online marketing!

by Robin Dally, ethical SEO specialist

Our primary mission has always been to help people who are preparing for their weddings choose products and services that have a positive social and environmental impact (read more on Why Ethical Weddings?).

Since we started Ethical Weddings in 2006, ethical and green issues have become more mainstream.

However, the wedding industry is still flooded with distinctly unethical products: chemical-soaked cotton, gold mined in horrendous conditions, carbon-hungry, out-of-season flowers and more.

So we have decided that now is the time to help ethical wedding suppliers compete better with the mainstream - to help them get found online not only by couples looking for green or ethical products but by anyone who is planning a wedding.

Online marketing - where to start?

It is easy to feel overwhelmed when it comes to the online marketing of your business. It’s not hard to find advice and tips on what you could or should be doing, the internet is full of it!

And you probably receive numerous emails and phone calls with dubious offers of help with ‘guaranteed’ results.

I want to take away that overwhelmed feeling, make it easy, and show how everyone can achieve their goals by making the most of their online marketing efforts.

My first big tip is to make sure that all your online marketing efforts are focused on your business mission and goals. A clear mission for your business makes it much easier when deciding what to do with online marketing.

Whether you are working out your mission and goals from scratch or digging them out of your business plan, be ambitious: remember, you don't have to target your products or services only at the socially-conscious minority - with the right online marketing they can compete in the mainstream.

Useful guides

For tips on writing mission statements I like:

Once you know your mission, it is easier to work on your goals, for example how much you need to turnover.  A good way to do this is to carry out a cash forecast.  

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