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As the perfect green wedding gift, give native seedlings as wedding favours. That way the guests can go home and plant a tree for the environment and remember your special day as they watch it grow!

Before you head off on the biggest dress hunt of your life, have a think about what  might be right under your nose.

What did your mum or gran wear for their wedding? Is it still hanging around at the back of the wardrobe?

Even if styles have changed a little since those days (or not - it could have come full circle!), you could always get a dressmaker to 'refashion' it for you to your eco-chic spec.

Sadly, although I loved dressing up in it when I was about 8 (see pic!) I completely forgot to consider this option for my own wedding.

Don't suffer the same regrets, get digging in that wardrobe now. You can still do the great dress hunt afterwards - just to make sure you've covered all the options!

Check out the designers and dressmakers in our ethical bridalwear section, and see if they can refashion a dress for you...

Cut down on the carbon and take the train to your honeymoon destination...

Probably the one occasion when you can take your time on your travels!

Read about taking the train down to Spain on the Ethical Weddings blog.

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