Ethical and green wedding planning

Wedding planner: 4 - 6 months step by step


  • Honeymoon

What are your responsible travelling options for a romantic break?

Keep it close to home, cutting carbon and discovering the delights of your own back yard or take a long train trip with lots of interesting stops along the way.

If you're jetting off, make sure when you get to your destination that your holiday is benefiting local people, minimising any negative environmental impact, and even perhaps helping to fund conservation and energy-efficiency efforts.


  • Mmm...cake!

Often you’ll find a family member only too willing to help out with this one. Persuade them to throw in organic and fair trade ingredients and you’ve got yourself an ethical wedding cake!

Many suppliers are now offering an organic option too if that takes your fancy. Also consider whether your cake could double as dessert.

Don’t like cake? Go for one made up of local cheeses, or do without altogether, it’s your wedding!


  • Wedding stationery

If all your guests are computer literate, get emailing. If you can’t do without the paper invites, now’s the time to get crafty if you’re that way inclined with recycled and tree-free papers, or to share your vision with an ethical wedding stationer who can create an invite that becomes a beautiful memento of the day.

You may also want orders of service, table plans, table names, place settings and thank you cards – decide what you need and what you can do without.


  • Decorative touches

Consider how you’re going to make your venue suitably lovely. Perhaps it’s so beautiful it needs no further refinement, or maybe you’ll want candles for the tables, or flowers or fruit.

You may also want to provide wedding favours for your guests.  You don't have to opt for the traditional 5 almonds, think about fair trade chocolates, seeds to plant, or a token representing a gift to your chosen charity.


  • Green grooms

The groom and groomsmen do have it easy really. All the options are fairly eco-friendly. Hire a suit and you’re re-using, use one you already have, or buy a bespoke one that will last a lifetime – providing you stay in shape of course!


  • Get me to the church!

If you need transport during the day, consider something fun and low carbon like a rickshaw or horse and cart. And if you want to shift all your guests in one go, why not hire a vintage bus? It’ll look great on the photos!

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