Ethical and green wedding planning

Wedding planner: 2 weeks before step by step


  • Sitting pretty

Have a good look at your guest list and arrange your seating plan.  Think about who's going to be on the top table or if you even want one. Aim for a good mix of people on each table to get them talking but make sure everyone has at least one person they know on the same table if possible. Talk to friends and family too, they'll know who shouldn't be sitting together!

Of course, if you're having a more informal reception, you can always just let your guests sit where they like.

When you've made your decisions, let your reception venue and caterer know the final number of guests and give them a copy of your seating plan.


  • Speak now or forever...

If you're having speeches at the reception, make sure everyone who's giving one is comfortable doing so and is happy about what they're going to say (or is confident improvising on the spot!).


  • Final checks

Check all bookings are confirmed (venue, caterer, band, dress etc.) and that everyone is sure about what they're doing and at what time.

Make last arrangements for your honeymoon - if flying, do you want to contribute to a carbon offsetting scheme?

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