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Fair trade wedding dress fabrics in Seattle

The challenge:

"I'm trying to find fair trade fabrics that come in white and ivory for a wedding dress that I'm having made locally. I live near Seattle, Washington (USA) and would love it if there were a fabric shop I could buy from.

Otherwise something that I could order would be fine too."

About Alice
"I'm getting married in August of 2009 and want my wedding to adhere to my principles of fair trade and sustainable sourcing in every aspect."

Wedding Date
August 2009

How we tackled it:

Hi Alice,

Congratulations on your engagement - and on planning an ethical wedding! More and more fair trade fabrics are coming on to the market now so let's see what we can find.

Conscious Choice shows a gorgeous hemp silk dress made by a professional seamstress in Seattle and owner of Natural Fiber Clothing.

O Ecotextiles is another Seattle-based company. I'm not sure if they have fabric for clothing but I'm sure they will know people who do.

Seattle-based Blue Sky Bridal is (according to Seattle Bride) '... Seattle's only seller of Conscious Clothing wedding dresses, pretty designs made in luxurious blends of hemp and organic silk and ranging from $800 to $1,300. These dresses have a gorgeous drape and sheen that rival the more ubiquitous, factory-made styles. Blue Sky also offers dozens of secondhand wedding dresses at about 50 percent off the original price, many of which have never been worn.'

Wai-Ching Studio in Seattle creates beautiful dresses from organic silk, hemp silk and vegan silk.

Grist has a very useful article on the subject of organic fabric - exploring various sources and attracting several comments with more suggestions.

This Ideal Bite green wedding tip also has some good links.

Do let us know how you get on. And have a fantastic wedding day!

Warm wishes,


Challenge by:Alice