Challenge Ethical Weddings

Fair Trade Fortnight

The challenge:

To mark the occasion of Fairtrade Fortnight we took on a self imposed challenge - to find fair trade products to suit a different aspect of wedding planning for each day of the fortnight.

How we tackled it:

Over the 14 days of Fairtrade Fortnight we tackled a different aspect of wedding planning each day in a fair trade way!

The full results of our findings can be seen on our Ethical Weddings Blog but here is a run down of what we discovered each day.

Day 1 - Wedding Stationery

Day 2 - The Gift List

Day 3 - Dressing up!

Day 4 - Dressing up again!

Day 5 - Accessories

Day 6 -  Relaxing and Pampering

Day 7 - Flowers

Day 8 - Venue Decorations

Day 9 - Music

Day 10 - Wine

Day 11 - Coffee and Tea

Day 12 - Chocolate

Day 13 - Wedding Cakes

Day 14 - Photographs

You can also read our closing thoughts on our Fairtrade Fortnight Ethical Wedding Challenge

Challenge by:Alex and Katie