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A fair trade Oxford wedding

The challenge:

Hi Folks,

Here is the very complicated story:

We are looking for a FAIR TRADE, eco-conscious wedding venue in central Oxford as well as a caterer.

My partner and I live in the US but Oxford is very special to us. We just had a civil wedding here but want to have a ceremony for our family in Oxford.

We are both atheist although I am baptized and was married in the Catholic Church. While I am divorced now, I don't have an annulment. My partner is Druze (Muslim).

Our priority is to have a FAIR TRADE and eco-conscious wedding including food.

We will have about 20 people coming from the Middle East and the US.

Can you suggest a romantic, very Oxford venue and a fair trade caterer etc in that area?

How we tackled it:

We're working on it! Tweet your suggestions via Twitter to @ethicalweddings

Challenge by:Stephen and Lara