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Here are just a few of our Ethical Wedding challenges.

A fair trade Oxford wedding

Hi Folks,

Here is the very complicated story:

We are looking for a FAIR TRADE, eco-conscious wedding venue in central Oxford as well as a caterer.

My partner and I live in the US but Oxford is very special to us. We just had a civil wedding here but want to have a ceremony for our family in Oxford.

We are both atheist although I am baptized and was married in the Catholic Church. While I am divorced now, I don't have an annulment. My partner is Druze (Muslim).

Our priority is to have a FAIR TRADE and eco-conscious wedding including food.

We will have about 20 people coming from the Middle East and the US.

Can you suggest a romantic, very Oxford venue and a fair trade caterer etc in that area?

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Challenge by:Stephen and Lara

Eco Indian wedding caterer in London

"This one is very specific, but I am Indian and eco-conscious, as is my intended. We would really like to have a traditional style North Indian menu from our caterers (not made with Halal meat as many of the guests would not be permitted to eat it then) but are finding it difficult.

All I've found so far are The Asian Grub Foundation, but their menu and services are pretty limited. They would need to be based in London or close by.

Can you help please?!



Image courtesy of yajiko on Flickr

About Kiran
"I am of Indian origin and my partner is English. We are in the very early stages of organising so are just trying to see how eco-friendly and ethical we can make our wedding - but like everyone we need to keep costs down as much as possible (boo!)."

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Challenge by:Kiran

A green wedding dress in blue

"I live in Canada and am having my wedding dress (blue!) made by a local seamstress.

I am desperately trying to find an organic or sustainable fabric to buy in order to make the dress but alas I'm at a loss. I've looked everywhere for suppliers of fabrics, but cannot find anything...definitely nothing in Canada. My seamstress says the best material would be a light, flowy silk/chiffon....any ideas where I can buy fabric like this?"

About Meghan
"I'm trying my best to plan an entirely green or eco-friendly wedding.

Getting married in a park, encouraging guests to offset carbon emissions, plantable wedding invitations, local organic flowers and local organic food, local seamstress, found decorations (from the land around our home...branches, leaves, seashells, etc)."

Wedding Date

11 September 2009

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Challenge by:Meghan

A Bristol ethical wedding

"My daughter wishes to get married in beautiful, natural surroundings. She needs a registrar, food and a bar. She would like to get married late afternoon so that the wedding can segue into a party quite effortlessly.

Because they are the only criteria it has been really difficult to sort out. There is so much she doesn't want (like pretentions).

She wiill do the invitations for about 50 folk herself and clothes just aren't an issue. It must be at a weekend in either the autumn or spring. Can you help?"

About Pat Warrington
"They live in Bristol and I am the mother of the bride, anxious to give her exactly what she wants. Family and friends will travel from all over the country and beyond but accommodation isn't an issue."

Wedding Date
Autumn 2009 or spring 2010

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Challenge by:Pat

Fair trade wedding dress fabrics in Seattle

"I'm trying to find fair trade fabrics that come in white and ivory for a wedding dress that I'm having made locally. I live near Seattle, Washington (USA) and would love it if there were a fabric shop I could buy from.

Otherwise something that I could order would be fine too."

About Alice
"I'm getting married in August of 2009 and want my wedding to adhere to my principles of fair trade and sustainable sourcing in every aspect."

Wedding Date
August 2009

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Challenge by:Alice

Looking for ethical and green wedding resources in the USA

"I am trying to find ideas/resources for ethical weddings in the US and am frustrated by the proliferation of resources in the UK and the relative lack of them here in the US. Do you have any suggestions for similar websites with a US focus?

I finally caved and bought a dress from J Crew after months and months of searching for an ethical dress. Family dresses weren't right, hemp dresses were poor quality and all others were SO expensive that I couldn't consider them. This seems to be an untapped market niche! Any ideas for someone in my situation who didn't want a J Crew dress, but settled for one?"

About Siiri
"Planning a relaxed and fun wedding in Maine that embodies the values my fiance and I have in things that are locally sourced, rooted in community and handmade. We want to support industries that we believe in throughout the process."

Wedding Date
22 August 2009

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Challenge by:Siiri

Organic or local wine for wedding feast

"We want to have as low impact a wedding as possible.  One challenge is to keep the cost down but go organic at the wedding feast. Can you recommend some good quality organic (and/or local) wine to go with dinner?"

About Sarah
"We are getting married on the west coast of Scotland in June (hopefully), i got my dress and my bridesmaids from Oxfam Bridal and they were WONDERFUL - can't recommend them enough!"

Wedding Date
June 2009

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Challenge by:Sarah

Finding ethical bridesmaid dresses

"I'm struggling to find bridesmaids' dresses! I'm having my dress made from peace silk, but can't afford bespoke dresses for all 5 bridesmaids. I'm looking for long, simple dresses in ethical fabric that cost about £150 each - any ideas? Thanks!"

About Hannah:
"Our wedding is in December 09 and we're trying to make it ethical. We have hired a converted barn on a working farm, so the food will all be locally produced and organic. We are having a charity wedding list, ethical flowers and jewellery, fair trade wine etc - most of that is fairly easy to find, but the bridesmaids' dresses have me stumped!"

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Challenge by:Hannah

What to do with an already recycled wedding dress?

"There was a recent discussion on one of my favourite wedding blogs regarding the wastefulness of the trendy “Trash the Dress” photos. I completely agree, except for the notion that sealing up and saving your dress is equally wasteful.

I proudly wore my Mother’s dress from 1978 and it made for an eco-friendly, and meaningful choice. (With a few alterations - that’s what happens when you’re 5 inches taller than you Mom, and not quite a size 2)

However, now I find myself torn over what to do with it. With family history attached to it, I don’t think I could bear to give it away or cut it up and recycle it. It was probably one of the most uncomfortable things I’ve ever worn, so I can’t see re-wearing it.

And sealing it up and saving it again? Even if I thought it could last another thirty years, Tim and I don’t intend to have children, so I’m not sure who I’d pass it on to. Hypothetical nieces?

I know there are plenty of crafty folks reading this blog. If anyone has any suggestions for re-using this dress, while keeping it more or less intact, I am all ears!"

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Challenge by:Sharon

The Compact

"How could one make a wedding that's fabulous, fun and apparently frivolous while adhering to the principles of "The Compact"?

  • First principle - don't buy new products of any kind (from stores, web sites, etc.)
  • Second principle - borrow or buy used.
  • A few exceptions - using the "fair and reasonable person" standard -- i.e., you'll know in your heart when you're rationalizing a violation"

Find out more at The Compact website

A bit extreme?

Well maybe, but it should certainly get the creative juices flowing!"

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Challenge by:Sarah

Fair Trade Fortnight

To mark the occasion of Fairtrade Fortnight we took on a self imposed challenge - to find fair trade products to suit a different aspect of wedding planning for each day of the fortnight.

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Challenge by:Alex and Katie