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What vegan meal would be appropriate at my wedding?

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Hi, I have been with my fiancé 6 years and we are finally getting married this year.

I'm a vegan and am getting married in South Africa. I am trying to choose a meal which is simple enough for the kitchen there to make which will be special enough for the occasion, and that all my vegetarian guests will enjoy! Please can you advise me.



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I'd say it's nice to have at least two options to choose from because then you can offer something "safe" but a little less exciting like a pasta dish, and then something with a little more "wow" factor.

I'd suggest something that ties in with local South African cuisine, but I've had a hard time finding traditional meals there that aren't made from meat!

I did, however, find this South African food blog. Maybe there's something on here that can be veganized?

The entrée at our wedding that people liked most was a wild mushroom phyllo roulade. I think anything made with phyllo dough is always impressive, and shouldn't be that difficult for professionals (though beware, phyllo isn't always vegan!). Or take a browse through the domestic un-goddess blog for tons of vegetarian recipes and lots of inspiration.

Hope that helps!

Answered by: Sharon

Question by:Naomi