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Wedding flower dilemmas

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I am getting married in a diamond white dress. along with my two flower girls. I have two adult bridesmaids who are wearing hunter green dresses. I am confused as to which colour flowers to go for.. I want a tear drop trumpet lilly bouquet and the bridesmaids and flower girls to have a smaller version... please help if you can!


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Hi Gayle,

It sounds like a lovely combination of colours and flowers. Hunter green is one of my favourite colours.

I think you are heading in the right direction according to your e-mail. I tend to suggest that brides and bridesmaids have similar style bouquets but the bride's one needs to be unique.

My next suggestion is that the bouquets need to be in contrast with each other and by that I mean that your bouquet should have more of the bridesmaid dresses' colours in it than your own dress colour and theirs more of yours, if you see what I mean. In your case your bridesmaids would have a lot more white flowers in their bouquets for example and less green. Yours would need to have a lot more green in it than theirs.

However hunter green can be a wonderful backdrop to many other colours. I would get a piece of the material then go into a florist shop and hold the fabric next to as many flowers as you can, this will "speak" to you. Have fun doing it!

You are looking at having an ethical wedding, hopefully as natural as possible and in nature there are no hard and fast rules. Remember this is your wedding and although traditionally trained florists stick to traditional rules I encourage my brides to have fun and be happy more than anything else!

If you have any other questions do get back in touch.

Answered by: Beatriz

Question by:Gayle