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I am due to go wedding dress shopping next weekend with my Mum and Sister. I currently live in London and my partner and I are trying to be ethical.

I have noticed that a lot of the suppliers for ethical wedding dresses are outside of London. I am going to see Sabina from Motasem but have been unable to find any other ethical suppliers within London. Could you recommend any?


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Hi Louise,


In terms of London-based wedding dress designers, Motasem is a great one to start with. You could then try Junky Styling for something a bit different (see some of their wedding pics) They specialize in taking old clothes and turning them into something fabulous, funky and new! They're based just off Brick Lane.

Lucy Tammam is another ethical London-based designer who has just brought out a range of ready-to-wear ethical bridalwear. Or you can go for the bespoke wedding dress option.  Contact Lucy to arrange an appointment.

Have you tried Equa? It's an ethical boutique and they stock Debbie Little's fantastic parachute silk dresses (from £240) that come in a range of colours - possibly including white (if that's what you're after).  It could be well worth popping in, having a browse and having a chat with them about what they can offer. They're just 2 mins walk from Angel tube.

Davina Hawthorne dresses are stocked by Koh Samui in West London and she can also do bespoke wedding dress commissions if you get in touch with her (just click 'contact' on the website).

Also in West London is The Vintage Wedding Dress Company which has some of the most beautiful and unique dresses I've ever seen! You will need to book an appointment here.

And finally, if you wanted to look at secondhand wedding dresses, there is a Barnardos Brides By Appointment in London:

101 George Lane, South Woodford, London E18 1AN Tel: 0208 989 9125 Opening times: 9am – 5pm, Monday – Saturday Appointments preferable

Manager: Tracy Purcell

I do hope this is helpful!

Answered by: Katie

Question by:Louise