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Reusing my mother’s wedding dress

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I was wondering if you had any ideas what I could do with my mom's wedding dress for my wedding in July (I already have my dress).

She passed away 5 years ago, but I feel like I want to do something unique with it at the wedding, or photos or something....she was truly my best friend, and I wil miss her terribly. 


The answer

To answer the question, I wondered whether Jodi could make a silk 'torana' out of her mother's wedding dress. I believe that in many parts of India it is considered lucky for the bride and groom to pass under a wedding arch - quite often a fabric one hung over a doorway - and this is called a torana.

Many people in India hang these toranas in their houses after they are married as a good luck charm. Just an idea!

Answered by: Jenny

Question by:Jodi