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Can I find ethical daisies in April?

The question

We're getting married in late April next year, and I am daisy crazy!

We were wondering, is it possible to get ethical (UK grown/organic/Europe grown) daisy chrysanthemums at that time of year, or will they have to be one of my green compromises?? And if so, where from? Thank you! smile


The answer

April will be too early for the Scottish organic outdoor grown daisy chrysanthemums and even for the un-heated greenhouses ones, however, it should not be a problem for the ones grown in the South of Europe in un-heated greenhouses or indeed some outdoor ones.

If your emphasis is only on the environment then this is all that is available to you and it will very much depend on the weather conditions next year in Europe.

However, if you are also considering the ethical side of flowers there are some very good farms abroad that care for their workers and are very ethical about the treatment of their workforce as well as eco-friendly in the way they grow their flowers where they are based.

In that respect, those flowers are brilliant the only drawback of course is that they have to be transported by air into the UK. The choice has to be yours!

I would suggest you find an ethical florist who truly knows where the flowers she/he uses come from, how they have been grown and how the growers treat their work force.

Please do let me know if you have any other questions!

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