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Alternatives to confetti

The question

What can guests throw as we leave the venue (instead of rice or confetti?) Is bird seed still acceptable?

About our wedding
It's a historic dance hall in the Texas Hill Country. All local food, wine and beer; a vintage dress. Big family celebration with honky-tonk band and lots of dancing!


The answer

Bird seed is a great idea! I would also recommend the following for some other really good alternative confetti ideas:

  • Bubbles made from plant-derived, ecological washing up liquid
  • Collect leaves - they can be stored in jars up until the big day
  • Real petals from native flowers - these can be sourced through your florist and co-ordinated to your wedding colour theme (if you have one!)
  • Money. An alternative style of collection for your favourite charity, as long as you have somebody to pick it up before a gust of wind gets it.

It's always worth checking with the venue to ask whether they have any policies on the confetti.


Answered by: Jen Marsden, author of 'Green Guide for Weddings'

Question by:Darla