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Affordable but modern conflict-free engagement rings

The question

Where can I find an affordable but modern conflict-free engagement ring? I popped the question on Friday to my boyfriend as it's a leap year!

I don't know what came over me! So now I'm (slowly) learning how this wedding thing works as I feel like a complete amateur.

I also run a green business, so I'd like to have a green wedding if possible.

The answer

Hi Laura,

One suggestion I would give is to have a sparkly all in one engagement-wedding-eternity band instead of the traditional engagement & wedding band set (you can see an example here). This is becoming very trendy among non-conventional brides. And to avoid being without a ring up until then, most are opting for a gift of a pair of diamond earrings on the wedding day (rather a clever plan I think!).

On the Ethical Weddings blog you will find information about conflict diamonds and engagement rings or you can get advice from other brides in this section on engagement rings in the Ethical Weddings Forum

Good luck in your search!

Answered by: Vivien Johnston

Question by:Laura