Why Ethical Weddings?

The idea of having an ethical wedding came about partly as a result of our growing interest in fair trade and what it can achieve, and partly because our 2005 April wedding was fast approaching. Rifling through wedding magazines the message was clear: this day is going to cost you...a lot!

Average wedding costs were bandied about but were generally around the £17,000 mark. Although we weren’t planning to spend this amount, it made us think that if people are going to spend this much money on one day, why not spend it where it can do some good?

By this we mean having a positive social and environmental impact through choosing fair trade, organic and local products and services wherever possible; while trying to reduce any negative impacts by, for example, avoiding conflict diamonds, hothouse flowers saturated with chemicals, and dresses which could be the product of sweatshop labour.

We trawled the Internet for organic and fair trade caterers, dressmakers using fair trade and organic fabrics, recycled stationery and fair trade wine. Once you begin to consider all the different elements that make up a wedding, the possibilities for going ethical are endless - and sometimes overwhelming.

After many hours of searching we thought how great it would be to have everything in one place: articles on the issues, ideas and advice from those who have done it before, and a directory of all these suppliers and services.

And this is why we have set up Ethical Weddings...

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