At Ethical Weddings we love getting everyone involved to help us look at the issues from all possible angles. 

Here we will be gathering contributions from the wedding industry, from environmental experts, from our suppliers and anyone else who has something interesting to say about the move towards ethical and green weddings.

If there is someone whose view you would like to hear on Ethical Weddings, drop us a line and we’ll try to track them down for you.  Or if you have something to contribute, don’t be shy, tell us all about it! You can add a post in the forum or email us directly.

Our blogger brides and grooms

We are always on the lookout for ethical brides and grooms to tell us about their preparations for the big day.  These are the brides and grooms currently entertaining us with the ups and downs of planning an ethical wedding in the Ethical Weddings Blog:

The Surfer Chicks

Other contributors

Jan Harney, Church of England Vicar
Mark Smith, Transport ‘guru’ and founder of (coming soon - Mark's real ethical wedding story)
Kirstine Chadwick, Dragonfly Invites
Wendy Strgar, of Good Clean Love