Are we ethical?

We try! Of course there is always room for improvement…

At present, we:

  • are in the middle of switching to a renewable energy supplier (we were with Ecotricity but recently moved)
  • use recycled stationery from The Green Stationery Company (but as much as possible try to run a paperless office)
  • support charities related to our aims (Soil Association, Amnesty International, Water Aid, The Medical Foundation, Shelter, Fordhall Farm) and plan to support more charities and social enterprises through Ethical Weddings as soon as we are in a position to do so. All suggestions welcome...
  • are Friends of New Consumer
  • say 'no' to plastic bags, aim always to carry a plastic-free bag and reuse the naughty plastic ones that seem to have crept into our home anyway.  Hmm...
  • limit the flights we take and make them count when we do fly; let the train take the strain whenever we can.  Walk...a lot!
  • started up Our Ethical Network to help Brighton (and beyond) ethical businesses get together and help each other out
  • support a local veg box scheme
  • consume a steady supply of organic fair trade tea and biscuits!

The website: